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Rola Spikes Product Launch at SignForce Richards Bay

SignForce would like to introduce and promote Rola Spikes security to all companies as well as the CPF Members; we have recently completed a job for a client from the CPF.

Rola Spikes securityThe Rola spikes are not just a crime measure but also keep your pets safe in the property.

What are Rola Spikes:

* Rola Spikes -rotational security spikes –
* Rotational security spikes the most effective anti-climb wall solution on the market.
* Have been proven by experts to be the Ultimate Crime Barrier
* Perimeter security is crucial in preventing intruders climbing over the wall into your property.
* Rola spikes works well with or without electric fencing.
* These spikes are made from toughened glass fibre, polyamide reinforced nylon
* UV stabilised, to last over 10 years.

Rola Spikes securityChamber encourages businesses to do the best to keep premises and employees safe. By looking into any legal
means that is cost effective for them.

SignForce has been a member of Chamber for many years, and that Craig often supports community outreaches and
sponsored signage of vehicle for ZCCI, Branching out of new products and to SMME’s

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Rola Spikes security

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